Hi I’m Michelle, the founder of Carers’ Circle – caring for ageing parents.

Carers’ Circle is Australia’s only general website dedicated to helping the children (or nieces or nephews) of ageing parents in Australia. We cover a wide range of issues that will help both you and your ageing parents – providing insights from your perspective, because we’re going through it too.

Why we want to support you caring for ageing parents

My background in caring for ageing parents

Firstly, understand you’re not alone. Like you, my Mum is getting older (aren’t we all?) and sometimes throws me and my sisters curve balls to add to this juggling act we call life.

My Dad though was the original inspiration for this site. He didn’t have the best health and since I was the closest to him, I was his main support from my mid-20s (my parents were divorced). I didn’t think of myself as his “carer” as I didn’t live with him or have to do personal care tasks. But I was his primary advocate and organiser. My sisters and professional carers helped (both in home and later in residential aged care). He died in early 2020 just before COVID lockdowns took hold. Looking back, I realise that I was in fact his “carer.”

So I started this website becase I was frustrated with how hard it was to find information to support Dad and for caring for ageing parents generally.

Michelle leaning into a photo with her Dad Cyril sitting in armchair demonstrating caring for ageing parents

Michelle and her Dad Cyril

How Carers’ Circle helps in caring for ageing parents

Like you, I’m a busy person wanting to do the best for my parents. But sometimes I struggle to know what to do, or where to find the right information, or how to find the time.

That’s where Carers’ Circle comes in. We aim to make it easier for you by providing the best information available from experts in their field, and those who have gone through caring for ageing parents – without the guilt (OK, we can’t promise the last bit).

I always say I’m not an expert, just a daughter trying to figure it out. I will seek out the experts to get the answers, so we can all benefit.

We look at everything from helping to understand what the aged care living options are for your parents, to money and legal issues, to how to teach your mum to use a smartphone. We even have a section dedicated to dealing with the inevitable – death.

And remember, you can’t do everything.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but as people age, it takes a network
– a circle of carers.

Positive ageing

At Carers’ Circle, we’re a big fan of positive ageing. We want older people to live their best lives and have a positive death. So we’ll not only share information about things like care services, but also about activities and ideas to help your ageing parents live well in their older age. Check out our events page for ideas and inspiration.

Aged Care advocacy

Unfortunately the aged care system in this country is broken. While there are many excellent aged care providers out there doing wonderful things, there are also many that could do a lot better when it comes to caring for our ageing parents.

But at Carers’ Circle, we believe we can’t complain about something if we’re not willing to do something about it. That’s why we’re involved in aged care advocacy. We speak up on behalf of older people and the children of ageing parents. We partner with like-minded organisations or sometimes go it alone on submissions to government departments and inquiries. We also speak directly to politicians about the rights of older people and their families. You can read more about our aged care advocacy work here.

What do you want to know about caring for ageing parents?

We are working hard to cover all the topics you need to help in caring for ageing parents. But if there’s something particular you’d like to see that we haven’t thought of or got to yet, please drop me a line at editor@carerscircle.com.au

We’d love to hear from you. The more contributors we have, the more people we can help. We’re in this together.